Broken Missiology began in 2015 with three basic themes:

  • Honest writing about global missions in broken human experience
  • Hopeful writing on needed correctives in modern missiology
  • Homely writing that will probably be regretted, revised, and republished

That means you’ll find articles falling into seven specific categories:

  • Reflections on brokenness – Raw personal musings on the struggle to live a godly life
  • Missiology – A channel for nerding out on missiological concepts
  • Sending Church – Explorations of the overlap between church and mission
  • Missionary formation – Reflections on the conviction that missions is outward and inward
  • Missionary calling – Thoughts related to both good and bad motives for “the missionary call”
  • Must-reads – Books loved and commended, along with why
  • Stories – Narratives from life and ministry, usually personal

Bradley Bell I’m learning to just be a son. In the meantime, I serve as the Staff Pastor at Antioch Church and the Director of Content Development at The Upstream Collective. Outside the coffee shop you can find me laughing with my daughters, winning against depression, being co-introverted with my bride, making random lists, reading too much, trying to believe the grass isn’t greener overseas, and unintentionally confusing people with my name and appearance. I was born on a Kentucky tobacco farm. I long to hear, Son, welcome home, the war is over. My family and I proudly live among the diverse community of south Louisville, Kentucky.


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